Case Studies That "Wow" Your Audience, Turning Them into Loyal Customers


More than ever, companies need case studies to help promote their products and services. The health and self-help industries are  no exception.  Case studies are simply stories of success―how your product or service has helped someone else overcome a challenge and achieve results. Success stories play a huge role in marketing, especially in the sales process. These stories have a special emotional appeal and really speak to your target audience and compel them to take action. They are persuaded to invest in your product or service because they want the same quantified results that those in your success stories have had.

Of course, just like any story, a case study must have authentic appeal and an expert tone and voice. It should also communicate the value you bring to your client. Writing that Speaks knows just how to weave the facts, quotes, and benefits of your story into a compelling tale that genuinely speak to your audience. Customer success stories demonstrate that a company or a solution that a company has actually delivers on its marketing promises.

Turn satisfied customers into your most powerful sales and marketing asset. Customer testimonials and case studies lead the list of most effective content marketing tactics, according to the newly released B2B Content Marketing Survey for 2013.                          

Case studies include direct quotes from customers, first-hand details about the customer’s challenges and needs, why they chose your company, how your products or services helped solve their problems, and the benefits they’ve obtained from using your company, including specific return-on-investment information. Research shows that over 70% of customers base their buying decisions on trust and credibility. That's why it's important to do a case study.