About Writing That Speaks

And why it is the natural solution for self-help and natural health writing

Natural health has become a popular, reasonable, and respectable choice of lifestyle in today's age of burgeoning health care. It encompasses the attitudes, beliefs, and concepts of such natural healing therapies as prevention and treatment, nutrition and diet, physical exercise, and stress management by those who embrace natural health. Although there are similarities that run throughout all natural health practices, specific areas target specific audiences.

Writing That Speaks is a self-help and natural health communications firm catering to small business marketers of herbs, supplements, and natural and organic foods. We not only provide powerful copy that speaks to your audience and moves them to action, our communications services are designed to improve your company's ROI and overall marketing image. We know that many small businesses are fishing in the same ocean as large, multi-department corporations and need a unique "hook" to catch their target. We can provide that hook. We work effectively because we genuinely understand and believe in the same principle of "do-it-yourself" health management. We connect with you as well as with the needs of your audience.

About the Founder

Greetings! Loraine Dégraff here and I am the founder of Writing That Speaks.

I have been a freelance writer since 2001 and a marketing entrepreneur since 2006. As a freelance writer, I have written on a variety of interests and topics. Eventually, I noticed my commercial writing interest was slanted. I was writing increasingly more about natural health (natural health and wellness, diet and nutrition, alternative medicine, disease prevention and treatment, etc.). A genuine interest in the human body and its ability to heal itself was a primary reason. I had also conducted extensive research and had hands-on experience growing and preparing organic herbs and foods beneficial for the body.

Prior to delving into commercial writing, I worked in a design studio as well as with industry-leading Bozell, Jacobs, Kenyon, and Eckhardt (BJK&E) Advertising Agency. My studies at Duke University as a communications major and at Pratt Institute as a graphic design major led me in that direction.

When I realized the need to tie my knowledge, experience, and skills together, I decided to take advantage of AWAI (American Writers and Artists, Inc.). Their professional training, combined with my knowledge, experience, and skills led to the formation of Writing That Speaks, a communications business catering to the self-help and natural health industries.

Ready to connect? So am I.

Interested in seeing a sample or two? Visit my portfolio page.